Can you download a book on iphone 5


“How can I download my own collection of ebooks or pdf files onto my i. Phone?” Stanza is a free app that will allow you to read ebooks on the i. Phone or i. Pod touch. 3. Audio Book Apps (mostly paid) If you ‘ve got an i. Phone , i. Pod touch, or i. Pad, there are a large number of audio book apps you can download. From Amazon: Buy a Kindle book from your Mac, PC, or i. Phone using a Web browser and wireless transfer the books to your i. Phone , read first chapters of any book Apr 14, 2011 · Kindle i. Phone app users can buy and download books at the Kindle store. The Kindle store can be accessed directly from the i. Phone , and books can be Mar 07, 2014 · i. Tunes is the best program to transfer PDF files to i. Phone. Using it, you can transfer Click Sync Books and select Download the PDF to i. Phone EPUB Nov 17, 2011 · Website:. epubbud Email Me At: i. Kendalli. Reviews@gmail. iphone5applesupport. blogspot. co. uk you can buy books at the i. Books Store and read them whenever So you can fill your i. Pad, i. Phone , i. Books lets you know. You can download the updated Jul 23, 2010 · Apple’s i. Tunes store allows you to purchase and download MP3s, movies, TV shows and audiobooks. With the i. Tunes mobile store for the i. Phone and i. Pod Touch Can you download a book on iphone 5 Hunger Games: Catching Fire opens this weekend but you can catch up now on i. Tunes!

can you download a book on iphone 5


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